A&G POLYART is a family company founded on 24th March 2006. The core business of the company is the manufacture of plastic objects. Taking into consideration the requests of market, which is quality based, in our production we use materials according to the validity production standards. A&G POLYART company is a very young company that wishes to prove itself. It can only be done by hard work and innovations on technological field.

The main goal of the company is to conquer the market by its quality. For something like that, one needs knowledge, experience, ambition - WE HAVE IT!


We produce

products in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and laboratory supplies, according to European standards.


To be recognizable. Being an example to others. Being a leader. Raising awareness of each of us who make our company, to develop a sense of responsibility towards our products and customers, because only then will the customer be satisfied. On our case pave the way for future generations, where the basic principle will be - Quality comes first. If you have quality, you have a satisfied customer.


To ensure our customers the highest quality products. This is what we strive for. Daily training, learning, developing both businessmen and personal culture in the relationship with our clients. Raising the level of professionalism at the highest level, the establishment of communication and relationships with our customers so that it is clearly pointed out that their satisfaction with our products is most important to us. We treat our customers the way we would like them to treat us.

All this, in addition to daily technological improvements, it is essential to our company and the people who make it, were synonym for quality, responsibility, professionalism, fairness.


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